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MerrickDamon wants to give one standout, superlative real estate professional a chance to sell a $7.5 Million luxury real estate listing in one of the world’s hottest real estate markets: South Florida.

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South Florida is one of the planet’s most luxurious real estate markets, with homes that are highly coveted for their location, prestige, and endless waterfront views. It takes a combination of factors to succeed in the highly competitive and glamorous Miami/Fort Lauderdale/Palm Beach corridor: Charm, presentation, and business savvy are only the beginning.

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 To be eligible to win the MerrickDamon $7.5 Million Real Estate Challenge, you must provide the following information.

  • Your Full Name
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  • Your Real Estate License Number
  • A Detailed Written Description of Your Real Estate Experience
  • A Written Summary of What You Hope to Accomplish from this Experience

The person selected to win the MerrickDamon $7.5 Million Real Estate Challenge must agree to accept a position with MerrickDamon Real Estate, and must agree to participate, including on-camera, in all electronic media related to the project. If the person selected doesn’t already reside in Florida at the time he or she is chosen, her or she must agree to relocate to Florida at his or her own expense. The MerrickDamon Family Companies is the sole judge of the Challenge and will determine all winners.

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