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What Do You Need to Become a Real Estate Agent? #MerrickKnows

Becoming a real estate agent can be one of the most rewarding careers you can pursue, especially if you’re making a move from another occupation or careers. Although each state regulates its own real estate licensing process (which means there will be differences in regulations and requirements from state to state), there are some basic requirements that apply. A licensed real estate salesperson (or agent) must:

  • Be at least 18 years old (or 19, depending on the state)
  • Be a legal U.S. resident
  • Complete pre-license education (63-hour pre-license course in Florida/75-hour course in Georgia)
  • Successfully pass a state real estate license examination

Your state’s professional licensing department or real estate division website lists any and all additional official pre-licensing requirements. (For instance, both Florida and Georgia require a high school diploma or its equivalent.)

For Georgia agent licensing requirements, please visit the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

For Florida agent licensing requirements, please visit the Florida Department of Professional Regulations.

Good news: Florida and Georgia have mutual recognition agreements for their respective real estate agents and brokers, so being licensed in one of these states allows you to sell real estate in the other. as long as you meet certain criteria shown below:

Florida Mutual Recognition Information

Florida has mutual recognition with 7 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, and Nebraska. Brokers and Sales Associates can qualify for an equivalent type license in Florida if they meet the following qualifications:

  • All standard requirements for the state, plus…
  • Must be 18 years of age and hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • Applicant must not be a resident
    of Florida, at time of application.

All applicants must have obtained the Real Estate license by having met the education and examination requirements of the state with which Florida has mutual recognition.

Applicant must hold a valid, current and active real estate license, in good standing, issued by the Real Estate licensing agency in the state from which the applicant is applying.

The intent of these agreements is to recognize the education and experience that real estate licensees have acquired in another state. These agreements apply to nonresidents licensed in other jurisdictions. Each licensee who applies for Florida licensure from a state or jurisdiction that has a current mutual recognition agreement with Florida must pass a written Florida-specific real estate law examination. The exam consists of 40 questions of 1 point in value per question. A grade of 30 points or higher must be achieved to pass the exam. These agreements also ensure that Florida licensees have equal opportunity for licensure in those jurisdictions with which agreements are concluded.

Georgia Mutual Recognition Information

If you are currently licensed inFlorida or if you have ever held a real estate license in another state or jurisdiction, you may be eligible to obtain a Georgia license without taking the examination. You must:

  • have passed a state administered examination for the type of license you seek in Georgia;
  • currently hold a license that is in good standing and not lapsed or expired

If you meet the above requirements you must:

  1. Complete the Application for Reciprocity License.
  2. Include a copy of your Georgia Crime Information Report (GCIC) or a report from your resident state, providence or territory if you have not lived in Georgia. If you have prior criminal convictions/disciplinary actions, see the Investigation/Background Clearance section for more details.
  3. Include a certified copy (not more than one year old) of the licensing history from the state Licensing Board/Regulatory Agency of your residence that reflects that you are currently licensed in good standing (cannot be lapsed or expired). The license history must indicate that you were licensed by examination. If that license has lapsed or is expired you must take and pass the qualifying examination for the Georgia license.
  4. Include a current certified copy of any disciplinary actions taken against your license in any other licensing jurisdiction(s) in which you have held a license.
  5. Include a non-refundable fee of $170.00 by cashier’s check or money order only payable to the Georgia Real Estate Commission. This amount covers all fees due for the first four years of licensure.

NOTE: All Salespersons must take a Commission approved 25 hour Post-license course in their first year of licensure. Applicants who have completed an approved Post-license course of 25 hours or longer in another jurisdiction, either prior to obtaining a GA license or within the first year of licensure in GA, may use such course to satisfy the GA requirement. Failure to complete a Post-license course during the first year of being licensed will cause the license to lapse. All licensees must meet Georgia’s continuing education requirements after becoming licensed.

An applicant who does not meet all of the above requirements must take and pass the qualifying examination for the Georgia license which the applicant seeks. For additional information, see the Obtaining a Real Estate License section of this site.

FLORIDA RESIDENTS: In addition to the requirements noted above, Florida licensees must take and pass the Georgia Supplement Exam, which consists of the state portion of the qualifying examination for the Georgia license which the applicant seeks. To schedule an examination or obtain additional information on the examination process, please contact Applied Measurement Professionals at 800-345-6559 or


MerrickDamon offers several easy ways to complete your pre-licensing education requirements, from live classroom instruction with qualified and dynamic instructors, to home-study, and online education.

Passing your real estate exam means more than finishing the required classroom time: Not everyone passes the exam on the first attempt. We help you prepare for the exam through an optional exam prep class, which provides practice exams, and a comprehensive review to prepare you for the state exam.

Once you’ve completed your pre-licensing education and passed your exam, we’ll help you decide if a career with MerrickDamon Real Estate is the right fit. We offer professional support to our agents, including full access to the firm’s listings and continuing education.

Is there more to you than punching a timeclock. #MerrickKnows and so do you. Let us help you get started.

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