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Why Park Your License When You Can Join SOWSUA?

park real estate license

If you want to park your real estate license, SOWSUA is the best option.

Trust me, I get it. We’ve all been there. Maybe you’re looking into changing careers, you’re moving, a baby’s on the way. Whatever the reason, if you’re a real estate agent, there may come a time when you need to park your real estate license. A search of park real estate license will turn up some basic information about filing the necessary paperwork to make your license involuntary and when your license will become null and void. If you’re a real estate agent in Florida and Georgia however, there is a way better option.

Click here to learn more about SOWSUA and register!

Instead of making your license inactive, voluntary or otherwise, SOWSUA allows you to maintain your active license while putting MLS and board fees on hold. What’s amazing about this program is that you can earn easy money from referrals – and it’s FREE.

Benefits of SOWSUA

Being a referral agent is simple. With SOWSUA there is no membership fee, and it’s easy to start up again when you are ready. SOWSUA is a program through MerrickDamon Real Estate Family of Companies and offers a huge variety of benefits:

  • No broker or office fees
  • No MLS and board fees
  • Refer your clients to fellow MerrickDamon agents and earn 20% of commission
  • Registering for SOWSUA is super simple
  • Get MLS access for a one time fee
  • And so much more

When you’re ready to get back in the action, you have full access through MerrickDamon and can get right back at it.

How exactly does SOWSUA Work?

If you’re ready to put selling on hold, you can join SOWSUA in three simple steps:

  1. Fill out registration
  2. Include license information
  3. Park real estate license and stop paying fees!

If you’re ready to park your real estate license and still want to earn money with referrals, register for SOWSUA today! Click here to learn more and to start the easy registration process.

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